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About CQR-Group

Welcome to the official website of CQR-Group, where we bring your dream kitchen and bath renovations to life! I am Orlando Salinas, the proud owner and Founder of CQR-GROUP With over 32 years of experience as a trusted contractor in the industry, I witnessed a lack of integrity and quality of work in the RGV region when I first started in 1987. Homeowners were often left unsatisfied and promised results were not delivered by many contractors, including myself who was not specialized back then.


Driven by a vision to change the remodeling landscape, I took a leap of faith and established a remodeling company solely dedicated to kitchen and bath renovations. Our goal was simple: to build a team of experts and professionals who would deliver exceptional craftsmanship and earn the trust of our clients. It was in 2003 that CQR-GROUP came into existence, marking the beginning of our journey toward transforming homes and exceeding expectations.

We Give Your Home the Care It Deserves

When doing a kitchen and bath renovation in your home there’s more to consider than just making sure the job gets done right. Naturally, remodeling requires workers going in and out of your home, carrying large equipment and carrying in materials. Things can get messy quickly. CQR knows how important it is that the rest of your home stays looking just as good as before the job so your can fully appreciate your dream kitchen and bath makeover.


To protect your home, our team uses protective plastic to block off areas of your home to keep dust and debris from getting into unwanted areas of the home. In addition, we use masking tape and durable industrial paper to cover the remodeling work area floor. Two man teams are used to carry large equipment and material to ensure the safety of walls and door frames. Lastly, we make sure the work area is clean and pristine so you can admire every detail of your new kitchen and bath remodel.

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